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From: Erin
Subject: Family Games Part 4 Author's note: This story is completely fictitious and pure
fantasy. It contains depictions of sexual acts between minors and incest.
If easily offended or if it is illegal to read such material where you
live, please refrain from continuing or do so by your own volition. This
story is the work of the author and should not be copied or posted
elsewhere in any way without the permission of the author. Comments are
welcome to tranquility32hotmail.com. I'd love to hear what people think
and again, thank you to those who have commented. I'm thrilled people seem
to like it. Enjoy!--------------- I couldn't help but notice as nude preteen lolita toplist
David and I both got older how my
brother was filling out. He kept in pretty good shape and stayed fit and
trim, developing the body that was very much my "type." Of course, maybe
that was my type simply because it was my brother. I often found myself
stealing looks at him from the corner of my eye wondering just how big he
had gotten, what his cock would look like now, how it would feel in my
hands and mouth. When I got to be about 15, I began doing things to be noticed when
I hoped David might be watching. I started just wrapping myself in a towel
when I got done with a shower and then walking to my room to dry off
instead of doing it in the bathroom. I'd leave my bedroom door cracked
when I was changing, hoping he'd walk past and look in. I normally slept
naked, only putting pj's on when I left my room, and if just he and I were
home I'd only wear a t-shirt and panties. Every once in awhile I'd catch a
look in his eye. We were watching a movie one night when our parents were out. I
was 16 at this point. David was in college but was able to save money by
living at home, which made me happy. lolita nude gallery free I sat on the couch with my legs tucked under me, wearing only
panties and a short t-shirt. My arm was resting on the arm of the couch,
my hand supporting my head. The position caused my shirt to ride up
exposing my stomach from my hips to the bottom of my ribcage. I wasn't
wearing a bra and my mind had wandered, as usual, to thoughts of my
brother, causing my nipples to harden and peak. I knew they were visible
through my shirt even though the only light in the room was from the tv.
My other hand was absently running up and down my leg. I looked over at David sitting in the chair next to the couch at
one point and caught him staring at my legs. His gaze immediately locked
onto my eyes. lolitas preteen baby nudist
I raised one eyebrow at him, a look I had inherited from our
mother. I looked down at his lap where his hand was clenched in a fist on
his thigh. His eyes flickered involuntarily to my chest and then he surged
to his feet. I saw him adjust himself as he turned and walked down the
hall to the bathroom. As soon as the door closed I stifled a giggle and turned back to
the movie, smiling. It was a few minutes before David came out and sat
back down. I did nothing more than glance at him as he sat down, saying
nothing about taking longer than usual, and we watched the rest of the
movie in silence. When it was finished, I stood up and stretched, raising
my arms over my head and leaning back as far as I could. I knew my shirt
had to be up almost obscenely high and hoped it was affecting my big
brother. I straightened and flashed a smile at David. I walked over to his
chair and leaned down to kiss him on the cheek. "Sweet dreams, big brother," I said with a wink. I walked down the
hall, passing his room and continuing to my own. I could feel David's eyes
on me. At the last minute an idea struck me and I reached down grabbing
the hem of my shirt. I pulled it over my head, letting my brother see my
bare back just before I reached my door. I wondered if when I turned and
entered my room he had been able to see anything since I was standing in
profile to him then even though the hall was dark. That night I got off laying in my bed thinking about my brother.
Our beds were both positioned against the wall that our rooms shared and I
didn't make much of an effort to keep my moans stifled. I wondered if he
could hear me, if he was maybe stroking himself just a few feet away
listening to me. That thought made my especially hot and I came quickly,
my body bucking on my bed and breathless moans escaping my lips. After that night, something shifted once again in our relationship.
I noticed that when he hugged me, which he'd always done with ease, he
would hold on a little longer than normal and give me a squeeze. He
started mimicking my shower behavior and would wrap a towel around his
waist and walk to his room still wet. We started sharing secret looks
again like we had when we were kids. To my disappointment though, I never
once heard him getting off through our shared wall. I listened often but
couldn't hear anything. I assumed he was either just quiet when he got off
or took care of things elsewhere, maybe in the shower. It became obvious that there was some sort of attraction between
the two of us. Our looks became heavy with something unspoken and there
was always an exquisite tension between us when we were alone. However, it
wasn't until I was 17 that anything more happened. I woke in the middle of the night from a restless sleep. I had
been tossing and turning for hours and finally threw my sheet off in
disgust, groaning in exasperation. Maybe a drink of water would help. I
got up and threw a baggy t-shirt on but didn't bother with panties since
the shirt went down to my mid-thighs. I checked my clock, saw it was a
little after two, and sighed. I crossed the hall to the bathroom, grabbed my glass off the
counter, russian nide art lolita
and filled it in the dark. I raised the glass to drink and
reached to shut off the faucet. It was then, in the silence after the
water was shut off, that I heard it. I paused with the glass touching my
lips, looking at my own reflection in the mirror with my head cocked trying
to decipher what I was hearing. A low moan drifted down the hall and I
laughed at my reflection, having the sense to quickly cover my mouth, as I
realized what I was listening to. It wasn't that I was necessarily surprised to hear pre lolit nude models my parents
having sex down the hall. They had always been open with David and me
about sex and let it known that we could talk to them about anything we had
questions about. But even lolita nude gallery free with that, it was still a bit of a shock to
actually hear them going at it. I drank half of my water and dumped the rest tiny models lolitas nude
down the drain,
shaking my head and smiling. lolita angels, pedo xxx When I crossed the hall to go back to my
room, for whatever reason, I paused at my door. I looked down the hall to
my parents room and was surprised to see that the door was cracked open.
That explained why I was able to hear them. I felt my feet pulling me
further down the hall, my steps silent on the carpeting. My breathing
deepened as I got closer. When I reached their door, I braced my right
hand on the door frame and paused for just a moment before curiosity got
the better of me and I had to look. My breath caught in my throat. My dad had my mom on her knees on
the bed. They were facing not quite parallel to the door, so I could see
just about everything. Luckily, their attention was elsewhere and neither
one was looking towards the door. I knew that I should walk back down the
hall and go to bed, but I just couldn't make myself move. My eyes were glued to my parents. My dad was steadily pumping his
cock in and out of her pussy, his hands on her hips pulling her into him.
Her hands were fisted in the covers of the bed, her head thrown back and
she was moaning while biting her lip. Dad was breathing heavily,
occasionally grunting. I couldn't get over how good they looked together.
Both of them kept in good shape and looked great. Mom's tits were bouncing
from the force of Dad's thrusts and as I watched, one of her hands reached
in between her legs and began rubbing her clit, eliciting more moans from
her. I couldn't believe how turned on I was getting by my parents. Part
of me knew it was wrong, but I was glued to the spot. My hands started
unconsciously running over my body and my breath was coming fast. I
caressed my tits through my shirt. My fingers found my nipples and
squeezed them into hard peaks. My hips had started slowly moving back and
forth and I squeezed my legs together, creating pressure on my pussy,
feeling myself getting wet. I bit my lip and closed my eyes as my parents'
gasps and moans filled the air. "Enjoying the show?" David's voice sounded in my ear. I gasped and jumped back, bumping into his hard body, my eyes
flying open in surprise. My hands had flown to my throat from being scared
and I relaxed realizing that it was only David and then immediately tensed
back up realizing I was caught. I moved to turn around, but David's arms
caught my shoulders when I was halfway and turned me back so I was facing
the doorway again. "Sshhh," he whispered against my ear and then he surprised me again
by giving my earlobe and gentle tug with his teeth. His hands crossed my
chest and he pulled me back against him in a hug from behind. I sighed in
my still turned-on state and leaned back against him. He shifted just a
bit to the side so we could both see into our parents' room and with his
head next to mine, our cheeks touching, we watched together. "Mmmm," he moaned. "It looks good, doesn't it?" I just nodded,
but he could feel it. His hands loosened their grip on me and covered my
tits. He gently, expertly began kneading them. I bit my lip again to stop
from moaning out loud. I leaned more fully back against him and was
delighted to feel that he was hard. I could feel his cock pressing against
the top of my ass. I began to slowly grind myself against him, my eyes
sliding closed in pleasure. David's hands tightened on my breasts and I heard his breath catch.
Then he relaxed his hands and began to move them down my stomach keeping
full contact with his palms. When he reached the hem of my t-shirt, he
slipped his hands underneath and quickly brought them back up to grab my
tits once again, this time with no barrier between us. I couldn't contain
an moan at the contact and was thankful that with Mom and Dad still
moaning, they at least wouldn't hear us. We stood like that for a minute, David playing with my tits,
pinching and squeezing my nipples; me continuing to grind my ass against
his rock-hard cock. Then I felt one of David's hands move down my stomach
again. When he reached the point where he'd normally feel panties and
found nothing but my skin, his hand paused for just a moment before
continuing down even more slowly. "No panties?" he whispered in my ear. I shook my head, unable to
make a sound. His breath hissed in my ear and his fingers find my cunt.
He slipped one finger in between my lips and stroked once across my clit.
My entire body jolted. Before I knew what was happening, I felt David's hand leave my
pussy and reach in between us. I felt him lower his boxers almost in a
frenzy and pull out his cock, slapping it once against my ass. "Spread your legs apart," he whispered harshly in my ear and I
obeyed. I felt him dip his hips just a bit and then I could feel his cock
in between my legs, hot against my wet cunt. "Okay, close them most of the
way," he said. I did, trapping preteen model lolly pics his cock between my legs and I heard a low
moan against my ear. Slowly, so slowly, he began moving his hips back and forth. His
rock-hard length slid against my pussy lips, teasing my clit with every
forward thrust. I longed to feel him slip completely inside me, but this
teasing, lolita dream board bbs this torture, made me feel weak with pleasure. One of David's hands stayed on my tits, continuing to squeeze. The
other once again traveled down to my pussy and covered me, his fingers
slipping just a bit inside my lips. He could feel the tip of his cock
against those fingers every time he pushed forward. "Fuck, that's hot!" he groaned, beginning to thrust faster. The
extra friction against my clit quickly became too much. I could feel I was
close to cumming. I started gasping and moving my hips in time to David's
movements. I raised my left hand to his head and tugged on his hair,
making him grunt. I couldn't stop myself from moaning. "Oh god, I'm going to cum, David," I gasped. "Mmm, yeah little sister, cum for me," he breathed. I could feel my cunt beginning to twitch and knew that just a
couple more strokes would send me over the edge. "Kiss me, David." "What?" he asked, somewhat incredulous. "I want you to kiss me," I said on a moan. I turned my face
towards his; his eyes were on mine. I saw him lick his lips once and then
he leaned in. I opened my mouth immediately when I felt his lips touch
mine and pushed my tongue into his mouth. With that contact, I came. My
body convulsed, my cunt pulsing, but David hung onto me and kept his lips
locked on mine. I couldn't believe I was kissing my own brother. He groaned into my mouth. I felt his body tense and he thrust
forward one more time and I knew he was cumming, too. He became rigid and
his arms locked around me, one covering my tits, the other between my legs.
His fingers massaged my cunt, rubbing his cum into my skin, sending little
tremors through my body. Slowly we began to relax. Amazingly, our parents were still busy,
but I had no idea how long David and I had actually been standing outside
their door. His hands wrapped completely around me and he squeezed me in a
hug. We continued kissing for a few more moments before we broke apart.
We looked at each other, unsure of what to do next. I looked down and saw
that lolicon rape and torture his boxers were still pulled down underneath his softening cock. I
couldn't help but smile at that and reach out towards him. His body stiffened, unsure of what I was going to do, but I simply
grabbed the waistband of the boxers and pulled them out and away, avoiding
his surely sensitive cock pre teen lolitas videos and settled them back into the proper place. nude preteen lolita toplist
looked up at him, caught his eye and smiled sheepishly. Knowing that we
had to move before we were discovered, I stepped to his side to walk back
down the hall. I was unable to resist giving the front of his boxers a
gentle pat as I walked past though. When I got to my doorway, I turned and looked back at him. He
looked astonished at what I, what we, had just done. lolitas naked chupadas amateurs I gave him a sly
smile and winked before stepping completely into my room and softly closing
the door.---------------Hope everyone likes it. :) More to come although it may be a little longer
before it's ready due to a busy schedule. :)
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